Health Care

Health Care

The health care industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. Consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy.
Providing 13.5 million jobs and 8 out of the 20 fastest growing occupations, health care is the country's largest industry. Compared to other industries, the health-care industry as a whole is expected to realize a relative increase in the number of career opportunities across the spectrum of its many specialties.
The Health Care Sector encompasses two main industry groups. The first includes companies who manufacture health care equipment and supplies or provide health care related services, including distributors of health care products, providers of basic health-care services, and owners and operators of health care facilities and organizations. The second regroups companies primarily involved in the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products.


● Shortage of Physicians and Nurses
● Containing rising costs
● Investment for new technologies
● Sustainable Growth Rate and Medicare
● Malpractice Insurance Medical errors
● New Disclosure rules


● Investment
● Design business model
● Growth plan
● M&A
● Performance of agreed upon procedures and related reporting
● Government contract and grant compliance attestation