Feasibility Study & Consultation

Feasibility Study & Consultation

All organizations and leaders need guidance from time to time. Whether your organization lacks the resources needed for a certain department, or you just need advice on a specific transaction, reach your business goals by discussing your unique situation with a We Resolve advisory professional.
From business valuation, dispute advisory and financial advisory, to human resource and marketing services, you will ensure that one or all areas of your organization are set up for long-term success.

Business Valuation

What’s it worth—the business, the equity interest, the intangible asset. The heart of this question is the notion of fair market value and its unique forms in the world of tax, litigation, financial statement reporting, corporate planning and financing.
We Resolve valuation professionals are experts in the nuances and purposes of fair market value, whether they serve as independent experts, testifiers or consultants.

Dispute Advisory

From investigative accounting, to fraud management and prevention, to damage analysis including valuation—if you’re part of the litigation and corporate community and involved in a dispute of any size, find a full range of financial forensic services with We Resolve.
Regardless of the unique requirements of your case or situation, experience professional power quickly and in force with our experts, who leverage technology and CPA capabilities to better serve you. Whether you need an expert witness or a consultant to Counsel during trial, arbitration or mediation; or a professional on location where fraud has occurred, we’ll help resolve the crisis and mend your organization.

Risk Advisory

Know your risks and do more than just minimize their effect on your organization. Every organization has risk - it's unavoidable. There are the risks you are aware of and the risks you aren't - dependencies and complexities hidden from daily view. Identifying your real threats and vulnerabilities allows you to not only minimize your exposure to them but also to maximize the efficiency of your entire organization.
Limit risk and identify cross-functional opportunities to improve your organization's processes with an approach that leverages innovations in operational risk management and IT risk management. We Resolve's Risk Advisory services will give you the insight and guidance your organization needs to approach risk management.

Through risk advisory services your organization will gain opportunities to:
Identify and mitigate risk
Drive production and recovery process efficiencies
Improve security
Reduce complexity
Increase profitability