The automotive industry is involved in the process of designing, manufacturing, and selling motor vehicles. However, it is not just about selling cars to consumers. The services required to maintain and distribute cars after the car’s initial sale are part of the automotive aftermarket, a 257-billion-dollar market.
The trends in the automotive industry continue, there exists both old and new opportunities available for those interested in franchising to get involved. Car maintenance, repairs, and body services are regularly going to be in demand regardless of whether people prefer to buy new cars or keep their old ones.
The green movement has hit the automotive industry as all car manufacturers are focusing their attention on producing more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles. As this infant market matures, there will be a demand for services from businesses that understands how to cater to these specific types of vehicles.


● Financial and operational flexibility for next decade
● Investment in new technologies.
● Electric vehicles and alternative technologies
● Rapid-response guidance on current events
● Emerging markets changing the automotive industry


● Investment
● Customers
● Supply chains
● Strategy and portfolio
● Business model optimization
● R&D and product portfolio
● Production and procurement
● Sales and after-sales