Domestic & Global Market Expansion

Domestic & Global Market Expansion

The Market Expansion is the process of offering a product or service to a wider section of an existing market or into a new demographic, psychographic or geographic market.
We resolve’s Market expansion team provide uniquely positioned to address these challenges and offer an array of market entry and/or development services to focusing on growing their clients' revenues on a more cost efficient and low risk basis.

Asia Pacific

The APAC region comprises Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Home to over two-thirds of the world’s population, and with recent huge economic growth, the countries in Asia-Pacific have become increasingly important to research thanks to the sheer size and potential of the markets.
China and India are two of the world's most populated countries. These are - together with Brazil and Russia - 2 of the BRIC countries, which are all, deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. The APAC region also has 8 of the Goldman Sachs' next 11 countries identified as potentially becoming the world's biggest economies.
We Resolve market expansion services offerings relate to marketing, sales, logistics and after-sales business processes that require intensive customer interaction. We offer customized networks to facilitate expansion.
Our analyses are based on a detailed market model, which comprises historical data since 1990. Asia Business Services Team covered in 11 Asian countries.
East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.
Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
South Asia: India.

North America

In the rapidly changing global market, North America - and the USA in particular, continues to be the largest economy with the most developed consumer market in the world. The USA is still the cradle of the global economy and looks set to remain so for years to come.
North America is also an area that sees a great deal of change. The Spanish language is becoming more important in the USA, and Mexico is becoming an important global player. Understanding consumer and B2B trends in North America is crucial in helping to plan for future developments in less developed markets.
We are offerings relate to marketing, sales, logistics and after-sales business processes that require intensive customer interaction. We offer customized networks to facilitate expansion in USA, Canada and Mexico.

South America

South America is an area that has experienced excellent economic growth over the past 10 years, especially in Brazil, which is now the world's sixth largest economy and one of the world's fastest growing major economies.
Although there is relatively little linguistic variation, South America is an area with a rich variety of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Add in a relatively socialist outlook with important regional differences, and understanding the market in South American countries is essential in order to make key business decisions.
We Resolve has research specialists in each of the South American countries.


Although Europe contains only 11% of the world's population, it is one of the most diverse and populated areas on Earth
Europe has over 50 countries and 230 official languages. This is why it is important to research a spread of countries in Europe across a range of cultures; opinions can vary greatly depending on the cultural, historic and linguistic context.
At We Resolve, we have researched across almost every country, both with general consumers and hard-to-reach B2B and specialist consumer groups. If you want to research in Europe market, then we will know how to go about it, in order to best meet your research objectives.